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Cadbury Chocolate Factory

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I grew up eating Cadbury chocolates. In fact, my mom craved for nothing but chocolates when I was still in her tummy. So I was just running on chocolates even before I was born.

This Cadbury Chocolate Factory that I found was inside Victoria Gardens Shopping Center, near the entrance to Kmart . While it wasn’t exactly a factory in size, it still produced chocolates by the handful. Yes, this contraption isn’t exactly a novelty. But hey, doesn’t it just makes you wanna go have a whirl with it?

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A claw machine that produces chocolates by the handful, if you’re lucky.

For a dollar, you can give it a go. I was trying so hard to control myself since I already had a good amount of chocolates stashed at home. So, I walked away, quietly. I gave it a second look and promised to eat my chocolates so I could get more. Lols.

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