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Ozsome Christmas Stocking Stuffing 2012

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Christmas is the time for little luxuries. It’s about that glazed ham on the table and that stocking full of surprises. It’s about the wonderful tinsel on the trees and dancing Christmas lights that make you want to glow and shimmer just the same. It’s about the carefully wrapped presents just waiting to be opened and the chaos that soon follows after when one by one, each box is ripped apart. Simple joys.

Christmas is about giving yourself, and more importantly, your loved ones a bit of indulgence, some pampering, and that feeling of giddiness that comes when you smile like a kid again. You can’t deny it. You’re just waiting for that magic to happen when your eyes twinkle with excitement as everyone gathers to eat, to exchange gifts, and to settle down for some coffee and dessert.

I think it’s because I’m getting older that I’m getting too sentimental.

Anyway, Christmas too and more importantly is for wishes and fulfilling them. And no, it’s not just about buying someone a gift that you promised. It’s about making things that we hope for actually happen. It’s time we think about what we wish for and what we can do to realize them.

So in the spirit of the holidays and activism, I wish and hope to influence and challenge readers to:
o Have a healthier image of their bodies, as well as respect for other peoples’ bodies as well
o Accept, understand, and acknowledge lesbians in all our colors and sizes
o And put a stop to discrimination, misogyny, and violence towards women

May all of the above, plus my wish list for this Ozsome 2012 Christmas come true:

Lezgomelbourne Christmas Wishlist 2012, Australia Christmas Shopping, Melbourne Christmas Shopping, Christmas Stocking

A simple Xmas Wishlist for 2012

Because I am such a cheapskate most of the time, I don’t normally aspire for designer items. I am a happy camper as long as they are of a decent quality and function according to their purpose. Then again, I do have some pieces that I am just drooling at like a nice pair of boots or a nice fitting leather jacket.

  1. Beaumont Knee High Boots from Duoboots, online for £165
  2. Flore Tan Knee High Boots from Duoboots, online for £195
  3. Penny Point Clutch from Rubi Shoes, on sale online for $5.00
  4. Kimmy Wrist Strap Purse from Rubi Shoes, on sale online for $5.00
  5. A pair of red pants in time for the Christmas season. (Picture is of Current/Elliott Moto Ankle Skinny Jeans from Asos, online for $450.50)
  6. Marks & Spencer Indigo Collection Zip Through Biker Jacket, online for £69
  7. Africano Print Scarf from Rubi Shoes, on sale online for $5.00
  8. Vidal Sassoon Big Hair Styler from Big W, online and in store for Aud$49.00

Disclaimer: The following images are borrowed from the sites/brands described or mentioned.

LezGoMelbourne is not paid by nor affiliated with any of the companies, shops, or brands mentioned above. These are LezGoMelbourne’s personal opinions with no intention to cause or do any harm. These tips are not to be taken as fact or absolute. Please consult with a professional for your own counsel.

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