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Back to Regular Programming

A lot has happened since my hiatus from blogging. Life happened. That’s just one way of putting it. There were awesome days and not quite fabulous ones. And the latter is just an optimistic way of putting it. You see, I have had a terrible tooth ache that just made me want to shoot myself with a tranquilizer dart. It was so painful, I can’t help but think of crazy things just to keep my mind off of it.

And so, insane that I am or have become, I had a root canal scheduled on my birthday. Yes, you read that right. Nothing is more appropriate than being at the hands of a doctor, just like the day you were born eh? Lols. And at that instant, when the anesthetic kicked in, and all seemed a bit clearer in my head, I thought, “Wow. I am getting old.”

Anyway, I was able to do a lot of things and even tried out most of the cafes on my list. It’s a short list for now, but I assure you, the list is getting longer day by day.

Among other firsts, I was able to watch the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall. It was an exceptional and truly eye opening experience into the power of music. If I had a bucket list, listening to a full orchestra would be one.

So,with this and that, I would just like to say “Hello! I’m back. And I will be seeing more of you soon.”