A lesbian couple loving free, learning anew, and living in Melbourne


These are exciting times. Lezgomelbourne is a narrative about me, about us, living in Melbourne where love is open and accepted. Living here is like being on a great, green open field. The wide open spaces is inviting and you can drown in the blue, blue sky, that is, unless it turns into a sudden downpour.

So be as vibrant as you can be. Embrace the energy of the city. Be whoever you want to be and start with a clean slate the next day. Everything feels different, better, invigorating and always served with a side of chips. Just kidding. So dare and conquer your mind. Dance anyway you want. Dye your hair. Wear a hat. Paint your nails and make it purple and gold. Let the city teach you an innovative way of being and living.


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2 thoughts on “LezGoMelbourne

  1. hi.. your blog is very informative and very useful for my next move on july 1st — also in melbourne. i am coming from the phils and is still in cloud 9 after receiving my 189 visa grant notice. anyways, here are my comments:
    1. about the visa label — why would immigration officers still look for label whereas it is not essential. i really prefer not to get a visa label. this is after my inquiry with AU Embassy via email that only a printed grant notice is vital and of course, passport. question is, should the immigration officer in phils cancel your flight if w/o label?
    2. you were not able to mention your flight. just to share, recently i booked my flight in AirAsia (CRK-KL-MEL). chek out the price. you will probably be surprised of the cheap fare 🙂
    3. how long have you been staying there? though my visa will expire by dec 19 i still prefer to migrate earlier. my reason is: maybe july has better job opportunities than the last quarter of the year. agree? 🙂 im a chemical engineer and i really wish i could land a “nice” job there.
    4. i laughed on your close encounter with “tabo”. im thinking if i will be bringing tabo from here.
    5. apartments are too pricey. good thing though is that my beloved friend will accommodate me in their house near the city. so thankful!

    i hope you continue to share your experience there.
    did you get a car of your own na? 🙂

    thank you.

    • As far as I have experienced, an immigration officer asked for my visa. Since the visa is attached electronically, the only visible proof I was able to present was the notification given by the Australian embassy.

      1) I don’t know if immigration can prevent you from leaving the country. So, to save yourself any hassle, print any supporting evidence that the Australian Embassy has approved or granted you a visa.

      2) About the flights, it depends on what suits you best. PAL offers a direct flight to Mel but the luggage is limited to 23kg for the cheapest fare. If you book a budget airline such as Jetstar, you can pay for additional luggage and carry up to 40kgs. However, the flight takes longer because it has a layover in another country or city.

      3) Good luck with the job hunting! I’m not currently aware of the job market trends, but I’ve told my friend to send out job applications even when they’re still in the Philippines.

      4.) Yeah, you can find tabo in Asian stores so you don’t have to panic.

      5) Nope. City living is very convenient in Melbourne so you really won’t miss the car that much.

      Also, apartments are pricey and small in the CBD while popular neighbourhoods demand very competitive prices too. Again, it depends where you want to settle in.

      You’re lucky to have a good friend! Thanks for dropping by. I will do my best to write more practical tips and helpful suggestions 🙂 Have a great day ahead.

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