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Eiga Sai or the 16th Japanese Film Festival in Melbourne

I have been a fan of Eiga Sai. So much so that I can be at the cinemas the whole day and night. Back then, I’d be rushing to the mall, where the cinemas also were, and catch as many films as I can. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to watch this year’s movies, but am I glad that I’m wrong.

We were walking around Melbourne that sunny day and wandered upon the Australian Center for the Moving Image or ACMI. Not knowing where to go or what to do there, we just grabbed a couple of brochures or catalogs and read them. The La Mirada Film Festival was already drawing to a close and we were sad we missed the chance to see any of the films selected by the guest curator Gael Garcia Bernal. We put that one aside and read the other brochure in our hands. Our faces lit up instantly. It’s the 16th Japanese Film Festival presented by the Japan Foundation.

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Afro Tanaka – The film and character on the cover of the 16th Japanese Film Festival brochure/catalog

Eiga Sai or the 16th Japanese Film Festival is here and it has already started. November 29 marks the first day with Thermae Romae as the opening film. Today is the second day. Good thing I remembered to share it with you guys, so now you won’t miss out on the rest of the films. They’ll be screening these movies at two different locations, at the ACMI Cinemas and at the Hoyts Cinemas Melbourne Central, corner Swanston and La Trobe St. Tickets are $15/adult or you can get the $60 5-film pass. Not all the movies they’ll be showing comes with a price tag though, there are free tickets for certain sessions or what they call Oldies but Goodies. So if you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy the movies.

So go get a catalog or go online and read each and every film synopsis as I did or read . This year, there’s a couple of films I am most excited to watch. First is Always – Sunset on Third Street 3. I have watched the first two movies and now I can’t wait to find out what happens 5 years later. The other one is Rurouni Kenshin. If you follow and read the manga, then you know what I am talking about.

16th Japanese Film Festival, Movie, Movies, Cinema, Melbourne, Australia,Oz, ACMI, Hoyts, LezGoMelbourne

The complete screening time, including venues, of the 16th Japanese Film Festival brochure

There are lots of movies to watch and it is highly useful that the brochure has marked the films into different categories such as Laugh Out Loud, High School Hits, Tear Jerkers (and that one is still different from the category Drama) and Chick Flicks among others. Included in the selection too are some highly awarded films, so you can never go wrong.

Other films that pique my curiosity include: Key of Life, Afro Tanaka (the film character is actually on the cover of the brochure, so that might be interesting), Robo-G, Space Brothers, Bushido Sixteen, My S.O has Depression, Bunny Drop, It’s a Beautiful Life, Tug of War!, Dearest, Postcard, Chronicle of My mother, and Until the Break of Dawn.

TIP: Check the schedule, pick out the movies you want to see, and save yourself a few dollars by getting the $60 5-film pass. I know I will!

So hurry, the film festival only lasts until December 9, 2012.