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Planning Your Melbourne Vacation: Making an Itinerary

Time flies so fast. It’s May already and the temperature just keeps on dropping. I almost didn’t notice it until I saw how many weeks of blogging I’ve missed.

The thing is, I’ve had a couple of friends and family who came for a visit. So yes, I was out most of the time and drained the rest of the evening. That’s how many of us do it, right? Vacation for us means a lot of sightseeing, walking, picture taking, and so on. By the end of our vacation, we need another one. Lols. It’s funny how true that is.

So, days before, I have been researching. What is there to see or do in Melbourne? I asked this question multiple times. I haven’t had much chance to explore Melbourne very much so I had to do a lot of reading.

April is not as eventful compared to January, February or March where droves of people would go and see the Australian Open and Australian Grand Prix, celebrate Australia Day and Moomba, or watch the city light up for White Night. Still, April has its own merits and there are a handful of things you can still do and see in Melbourne. Even with the temperature dropping, even with the cloudy skies and bursts of rain, there are many ways for you to experience Melbourne.

So, if you are looking into customising your own trip, here are tips that I would like to share with you when it comes to planning your vacation.

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1. Interests
It’s best to cater your guests’ interests so they can have a memorable time during their stay. Some people explore the city, others want to experience the outdoors. Some enjoy knowing about a city’s history while others want to know it through food.

2. Budget
You can explore Melbourne in any way you want. You can do a walking tour, go on a bike ride, cruise around town in a top down convertible car, or even drive to the valley in a limo. It’s your choice how you do it, but there’s a price tag.

But, you can easily keep track by allocating a certain attraction or activity for each day. This way, you can stick to a daily budget and not go overboard.

3. Weather
It can definitely get hot in the summer, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a spell of rain the following days. The same is true when it’s spring or autumn. So, you have to prepare a range of activities that you can do indoors when the weather is too wet and cold outside.

4. Zone it
If you are to visit a certain attraction, it would do well to build an itinerary around that particular route or area. This way, you can easily reach different spots on your itinerary without tiring yourself. A good example of this would be a day going around the city on the City Circle Tram or the Free Tourist Bus Shuttle.

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Melbourne is littered with wonderful parks and gardens. Isn’t that grand?

5. Themes
I use themes in my itinerary to describe the type of activity that would be involved for that day, i.e. Parks and Recreation Thursday or Sunday Church St. Shopping. This makes it easier to compile and remember all our destinations and options.

6. It’s All in the Details
List everything that you can about the places you will be visiting; addresses, fees, train and tram routes, and even operating hours. These are all essential. You don’t want to waste your time and energy visiting an attraction that is closed for that day. Trust me, it happens.

7. Plan B
There should always be a Plan B and even a Plan C. Even with the most meticulous planning, it can be quite hard to stick to a schedule, especially when you are enjoying yourself. Having other options saves you time from worrying and deciding where to go next.

8. Group Size
Size does matter, especially when you are planning activities, making reservations, and juggling schedules. It might not occur to some, but the demands of a small group are different from a big one. Something as simple as a taxi ride can be tricky when you’re a group of five when the taxi only carries 4 and restaurant reservations might be tricky for more than 8 people at short notice.

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It’s not enough to watch just one show or two or three.

9. Booking and buying tickets
There are perks when you prepare a schedule ahead of time. For one, some offer discounts for online bookings compared to walk-ins. Second, you can easily guarantee a seat to a show or event without wasting time waiting in line.

10. Souvenir Shopping
I know you would have gone to a lot of places where you would have purchased a souvenir or two. But being Filipinos, souvenir shopping means we have to have some good stuff to bring home with us for family and friends.

Yes, it’s a tradition that you either hate or love. But I love it because it means shopping! So, aside from your personal purchases in stores and boutiques, remember to dedicate a day or at least half a day for your souvenir shopping. Remember, the markets and malls close early in Melbourne and wouldn’t stay open past 5pm on weekdays or 7pm at the latest.

However, there are still places for you to do your shopping. Grocery or supermarkets stay open until late, some as long as midnight so you can grab candies and chocolates here. Big name stores such as Big W, Target, and Kmart are also open for longer hours. Time, however, varies for each store so you many want to check them out before going.

Well, that’s about it. On my next few posts, I’ll be sharing with you an itinerary and a glimpse of the places we’ve visited the past few days. Until then, take care.


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