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10 Tips on Moving to Australia: Eat, Breathe, Live Like a Local Part 2

They say it’s autumn but it still feels a lot like summer. Is there a sign that would signal the start of autumn? I really have no idea. The abundance of dry leaves on the streets isn’t much of an indication since trees have been shedding all summer.

Anyway, I’m giving you the second part of my list which includes shops you need for particular necessities, recreation, and of course, food.

1. Your Barbeque Spot
Summer is about the outdoors, the picnics. So put on some sunscreen and grab a bit of sun. Fire up the briquettes and grill some sausages and burgers. Man the barbie or laze out on the grass. The choice is yours. The parks here are amazing. There are trees everywhere, so you really have plenty of shade. So pick out a nice spot and spend the afternoon with your friends. Afterwards, maybe you can walk off some of that meal.

Lezgomelbourne Goodness Me Gelato Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne

Goodness Me Gelato on Bridge Road, Richmond

2. Gelato
Summer is the best excuse to have some gelato. I’m glad I am within walking distance to two famous gelato shops. Why is it essential you ask? Well, it seems I can’t find a tub of pistachio ice cream on the grocery aisles. So, if you want a good range of flavours, this is the place to go. Many popular gelaterias include Il Dolce Freddo, Casa Del Gelato, Fritz Gelato, Goodness Me Gelato, and Trampoline Gelato among others.

3. Sushi Rolls
Anywhere ranging from $2 to $3, these sushi rolls are compact and really filling. The city is littered with them, there’s a stall every corner. This is one of the cheap eats you must try and have on your list.

4. Convenience Store
Groceries stay open till late, so why would you need a convenience store? I could give you three reasons. One, for when you run out of smokes in the middle of the night. Two, when you just want to get some slushie on a really hot day. Three, and the most important one, when you need to top up your Myki.

5. Video Place
There are just some titles you can’t find anywhere. I was able to rent Fingersmith at my neighbourhood video store. Hooray for lesbian titles!

6. Chemist or the Pharmacy
Need a first aid kit or your prescription filled? The chemist is the place to go, especially when you need some advice on which over the counter medication is best suited for you.

7. Locksmith/ Key cutter
People moving to a different country or area would most likely have the number of the police or the fire brigade as a standard practice. However, as a precaution, you need to keep the number of a locksmith near you as well.

8. Shoe Repair Shop or Cobbler
A really good shoe is worth an investment, but what happens when your scruff it or wear out the heel of that stiletto? A good shoe doctor is handy to be around.

9. Op Shop
Where can you get a bargain every day of the week? Op shops or opportunity shops are somewhat similar to the thrift shops we have back home. You may also identify it as “ukay ukay”. Op shops are run by charitable groups and institutions who sell donated items from clothing to house wares. A lot of the items here are second hand, but there are also new stuff mixed in their shelves somewhere. And if you fancy some vintage pieces or clothing, this is the place to go. Some of the popular ones include Salvos or the Salvation Army, Savers, and Vinnies among others.

10. Recreation Facilities
Fancy a game of tennis? How about a dip in the pool? Organizing a game of basketball? Pumping some iron? You might want to consider a membership at the local recreation centres near you or you can scout a good gym that provides you exactly the facilities and services you need. However, if you can’t afford an annual membership just yet, remember you can make casual visits to the local recreation facilities. For example, a casual visit to the pool can cost just $5 for adults and $2.50 for students.

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