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Melbourne’s Moomba Parade 2013

I have a confession to make. I missed the White Night event in Melbourne. I mean, how could I, right? It was published in the papers and all. Besides, all I had to do was walk in the city. It’s impossible to miss. I had caught just a glimpse, but I was just too exhausted . The energy I had left was just enough for me to haul my ass home and straight to bed.

This time around, I knew I couldn’t afford to miss another wonderful and colourful event in Melbourne.

So even if this post is late, I would just like to say I truly enjoyed Melbourne’s Moomba Festival. I love how the city gathers all the young and the young at heart to celebrate and have fun. And it was a good thing too that the parade started at noon. The late-night revellers and hardworking folks would have been able to sleep in on the holiday and still catch the parade.

Here are some photos that I took that day.

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Dancers Performers

Kicking the start of the Moomba Parade 2013

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Dancers Performers
A performer wheeling her way around town. She really is pretty impressive.
Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Dancer Performers Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers. I wish there had been a troop of them during the parade.

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Dancers Performers Indian

A lively performance by the Indian dancers.

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Dancer Performer

She makes me want to dance out on the street with her.

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Dancer Performer Flag Bearer

One of the many beautiful women in the parade

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Dancer Performer Asian

One of the many colourful Asian dancers dressed with really intricate garments.

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Circum Float

The lively circus float with the elephant upstaging everyone else.

Moomba Parade 2013 Festival Melbourne Float

An Egyptian-inspired float. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be or about.

Moomba Parade Float 2013 Melbourne Arts Centre Spire

One of my favorites – Melbourne Arts Centre Spire

Where the Wild Things Are Float Moomba Parade 2013 Melbourne

Where the Wild Things Are

Moomba Parade 2013 MelbourneTreehouse Float

The Treehouse Float

The parade was greatly anticipated and warmly received by everyone who came. Even though the heat was close to becoming unbearable, it was nice to see the dancers, the performers, and all the communities participating in the parade still smiling, dancing, and singing. Even the children were all doing their best.

The show of supporters is undeniable. I can only see this parade growing more in number, both in participants and in spectators.  I’m sure it will continue to get bigger and better. Who knows, maybe next year, each and every community will have their own float too. Wouldn’t that be great? Also, it might help to have some commentators in place to help introduce the participating communities and floats to the eager audience.

All in all, well done Moomba!

By the way, if you’re like me wondering what Moomba means, I have found a great link explaining its history and etymology here.

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