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Keep Children Safe: The 1in5 Campaign

I was watching The Project on Ten Digital or Channel 10 and their segment on sexual abuse is alarming. It has reminded me that no one is more than vulnerable on this earth than women and children. They are preyed upon by predators in cities, in suburbs, and in every place imaginable place that you can think of.

The statistics show very disturbing figures. 1 in 5 children are abused or sexually molested before the age of 18. And more than 70% will keep quiet about it or hide it.

It makes you think, how far have we really come when it comes to protecting women and children? There is still so much to be done. So, be vigilant, be aware, and be involved on how to keep children safe. Bravehearts urges you to take a stand. Learn more from the campaign 1in5.org.au and help spread the word.